Double-Wick Revive Soy Candle: Lavender and Manuka Honey

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Lavender, wild flowers and herbs anchor the inspiring New Zealand landscape — an experience both grounding and restorative. Sweet honey mingles in the air with cedar wood, as you breathe it all in.

Each Revive Candle is individually hand poured and crafted using only the highest-quality soy wax and essential oils to provide an unmistakable aura and long-lasting fragrance experience.

Size: 411 g

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Revive helps transform every room in your home into a relaxing oasis. Whether you need an in-home spa retreat or an exotic overseas adventure, Revive has the perfect candle just for you.

Bring in fresh, vibrant fragrances whenever you want them. Your home will smell and feel just as good as it looks, from your front room all the way back to your bedroom closets.