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Camelia and Pink Lotus scented candle with Rose Quartz crystal

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Premium hand-poured, scented soy candle, with each scent specifically chosen to suit the crystal.
** Feel the power of positive energy with every burn **

Camelia and Pink Lotus scent
A sensual floral blend of pink lotus and camellia encircled by bergamot, lemon peel, amber and white musk.

Rose Quartz crystal
The universal love stone. Rose Quartz opens the heart and restores peace and harmony in all types of relationships. It brings gentleness, forgiveness and tolerance, whilst clearing out anger, jealousy, resentment.  Rose quartz assists with healing the heart by clearing out any old or negative emotion.
CHAKRAS: Heart, ZODIACS: Taurus & Libra

Size: 470g net candle weight, 85 hour burn time
Note: Whilst our labels say 65 hours, we're now using larger jars, providing an extra 20 hour burn.


Additional Information

Place candles in an area with limited draught, away from pets, children and flammable materials. 

Please trim wicks before each use to prevent soot forming on the glass.

Do not burn less than 2 hours at a time. This ensures the wax melts all the way to the edge and prevents "tunneling" for future burns.