About Me

Hello, it’s nice to meet you. My name tells a lot about me.

My first name, Khuraman (which is pronounced Hoo-raman), is from my home country of Azerbaijan, the beautiful South Caucasus country with a rich history and an equally rich culture. From historical empires and the ancient silk road, whose influence can be seen in every village, town, and city, to the modern inclusive nation it is today, Azerbaijan is truly where ‘East meets West’, and this reflects in so much of my personality. It is also called the Land of Fire, and Azerbaijani’s value fire for its light, warmth, comfort, and safety. As fire was essential for survival in ancient times, we respect fire as a life-giver and protector. This is very much in my DNA. Not the angry type of fire, but a passion that burns for everything I do.

My last name reflects my Australian home and marriage, where I've lived since 2005. Whilst the two countries are at opposite ends of the earth, and are quite different in many ways, they are also quite similar. Most common is their embrace of multiculturalism and tolerance, which I believe is the key to extraordinary social and economic opportunities, and of which I aspire to be a positive contributor.

Whether it is sharing my chocolate creations or helping my beauty and wellness team, I love the feeling of giving unconditionally and of bringing people together, and that is why I'm excited about this website, where I hope you find lots of interests that we can share. Please contact me with any questions, suggestions, or business collaborations you would like to explore.

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My Book

I'm excited, and nervous, to share my first book titled TROLLED - from Victim to Victor. As the name suggests, and as many of my followers will know, this book describes my three year emotional and legal battle for justice after being horribly and unjustly trolled on Facebook by a mob of haters. The book not only describes and explains the attack, it also shares many insights and learnings I gained from dealing with the authorities, Facebook, and the legal system, all of which makes TROLLED - from Victim to Victor essential reading for all social media users and business owners who are active online.

Luxury Gifting

Because I take such care and delight in creating memorable chocolate gift experience, soon my customers were asking for additional gift ideas to complement our chocolate range. This led me to introducing the Cote Noire range of French Flowers and Luxury Candles. This collection of dreamy, perfumed candles and flowers, takes the best elements from around the world and combines them into luxurious and desirable products, each beautifully packaged in premium gift boxes that are guaranteed to delight any recipient.

Enjoy Dark Chocolate

If I'm famous for one thing it is my chocolates which I officially launched in 2015. Since then, my artisan chocolatiers and I have worked tirelessly to create for you our individually crafted, exquisite chocolate delights containing only the freshest berries, fruits, nuts, and dairy products available, all enrobed in the world’s finest organic dark chocolate, delivering the ultimate guilt free chocolate experience.

And when combined with our commitment to premium quality packaging, soon Enjoy Dark Chocolate became the gift of choice for corporate gifting, weddings, festivals, events, thank you gift, and other special occasions.

Skin and Beauty

As most of you know I am a proud brand partner of Nu Skin, a remarkable global company committed to developing and distributing the very latest, science based, beauty and wellbeing technology breakthroughs.

And it’s my great pleasure to consult my direct clients, and to mentor my international team, on the most appropriate use of Nu Skin’s home consumption beauty devices, treatments, cosmetics, and supplements, all through my AgelessYou consultation service.


My AgelessYou consultation services also extends to other complementary Wellbeing brand partners including Doterra and Melaleuca , as well as my own AgelessYou products. It also incorporates the cutting edge BioPhotonic Scanner which proves that your antioxidant supplementation regime is actually working.

Join My AgelessYou Business Team

As much as I love helping my customers with their own beauty and wellbeing solutions, I equally delight in helping my international team to build their own AgelessYou consultation businesses. This includes training and mentoring each team member individually as they help their own friends, family, and colleagues to benefit from the science and technology behind our market leading business partners and their products.

Culture and Cuisine

Being a proud Azerbaijani Australian, I am passionate about the positive contribution all cultures make to our society. This section of my website celebrates multiculturalism and international cuisine, and how they have influenced my passion for travel and healthy eating, by sharing many sumptuous recipes, and invitation to unique events, some of my own and others from guest contributors and hosts.

Blog and Media

As many of you know I am a passionate social media contributor to many conversations and groups, on all the topics covered on this website and beyond. So, check out my blog page for a summary of the most interesting and engaging of these discussions and media appearances, many of which are in Russian to respect my many friends and clients for whom Russian is their first language.

Also check out the other pages where I proudly share all the wonderful reviews that I receive from my beautiful, happy, and supportive customers and business partners.