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Healthy skin has always been core interests of mine. To be honest, from my teens to my early forties, I suffered from bad skin, so you can imagine how that made me feel. In fact I had quite low self-esteem, particularly when younger, made worse by my parents being against me using make-up. So, I avoided parties and events, which is all I wanted to attend. I hated my photos and one day I even destroyed many of them.

In my twenties I tried to resolve the issue by going to beauticians. I spent thousands of dollars over many years on their services, and their creams and cleansers, but no one and no product was able to resolve my skin issues, until I was introduced to Nu Skin and their AgeLOC Lumispa.

This amazing little device completely transformed my skin and boosted my confidence. I no longer need to wear makeup and I am absolutely comfortable in my skin. I never imagined getting compliments about my skin condition at the age of 47. I now call my AgeLOC Lumispa my “compliment generator” and I love it.

It was through my first hand experience with LumiSpa, and the other amazing Nu Skin products, coupled with my long-held interest in anti-aging science and technology, that I decided to become a Nu Skin partner and BeautiTech Expert. Now I am thrilled to help other people resolve their own skin and beauty concerns and to discover their own AgelessYou.

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My AgelessYou Skin and Beauty business is a consultation led practice, not an “off the shelf” retail seller. We all have widely differing body types, skin and hair conditions, and health concerns, therefore close consultation is essential to identify the most appropriate treatments and regimes that address the underlying conditions, not just superficially covering over the consequences.

So book a consultation appointment today so I can work with you, one on one, to create your own AgelessYou.

My Skin and Beauty Collections

My Skin and Beauty retail range showcases my favourite and best selling, at home use, 'BeautiTech' products, treatments, and cosmetics directly associated with of my AgelessYou consulting service. There is truly something for everyone in this range so go ahead and browse the collections below, and or contact me to arrange an obligation free skin and beauty consultation. And remember we offer a flat delivery fee per order regardless of the mix, value, or quantity of products ordered from across the entire store — see terms for details.

Beauty Devices

Like most people I’ve lost countless hours over the years commuting to, from, and at my beauty treatments, not to mention spending hundreds of dollars at each visit. Now I achieve the same benefits within minutes, at a time that suits me, within the comfort of my own bathroom, and for a fraction of what I've previously spent with beauticians. That's why these at home beauty devices are taking the world by storm.

Skin Care - Face and Body

Infuse your skin with the elements of youth. This collection represents the modern essentials of anti-ageing skin care. Together these products cleanse, purify, renew, and moisturise your face and body to reveal a more youthful, healthier looking you now and in the future, all without the risks and long term dangers of injectables and cosmetic procedures. In this collection you will find market leading Exfoliators, Cleansers, Moisturisers, Serums, Sun Protection, Toners, Treatments, and Masks.


My range of mindful cosmetic products not only enhance and illuminate your natural beauty, but they do so while contributing to, not conflicting with, your skin care and anti aging regime.

it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

Hair Care

Don't be mistaken — your hair suffers from the same effects of stress and dietary deficiencies as the rest of your body. But now you can apply the same cutting edge, science based, restorative and anti-aging treatments to your hair as you do to your face and body.

Oral Care

For decades, the brand AP24 has been synonymous worldwide for healthy teeth and bright white smiles. So pack away those harsh bleaching trays and token supermarket toothpastes, and switch to the scientifically proven AP24 oral care range.

Baby Care

What better start to life can you give a child than to care for them with proven child care soaps and treatments? Check out this range that is a gentle on the environment as it is on your bubs.

Skin and Beauty News and Reviews

Умная красота: ageLOC LumiSpa iO — ваш личный ассистент по уходу за кожей

Умная красота: ageLOC LumiSpa iO — ваш личный ассистент по уходу за кожей

Гаджеты красоты давно стали неотъемлемой частью нашего ухода за собой. Сегодня сами косметологи советуют пациентам приобрести «умные» устройства для ухода за лицом, волосами и телом. В первую очередь, это помогает повысить эффективность профессиональных процедур и поддержать эффект от них после похода к специалисту.  Когда 5 лет назад, в 2017 году, инновационная американская компания Nu Skin, лидер в анти-возрастных технологиях представила уникальный гаджет ageLOC LumiSpa для поддержания красоты и молодости кожи...

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Инновационная система ageLOC LumiSpa для чистой, здоровой и сияющей кожи от Nu Skin

Инновационная система ageLOC LumiSpa для чистой, здоровой и сияющей кожи от Nu Skin

Вот эта чудо-машинка избавила меня раз и навсегда от походов к косметологам. С подросткового возраста у меня была проблемная кожа. Потом пошли институтские годы. Не помню ни одной фотографии с хорошей кожей.

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"I highly recommend Khuraman if you are after professional advice and support in choosing skin care options."

— Assel Snazell Read More

"When I will be buying more NuSkin products- its only Khuraman who I will deal with! Simply the best!"

— Valeriya Clement Read More

“LumiSpa makes your skin like porcelain.”

— Venus Williams (professional tennis player / Cosmopolitan article) Read More

“Хочу сказать Спасибо Khuraman! Приобрела гальваник 3 недели назад- и результат уже на лицо! Носогубки и межбровка разгладились, лицо посвежело! .”

— Sveta Mears Read More

“Я уже два года пользуюсь Люмиспа и Гальваник это наилучшее что я пробовала на косметическом маркете.”

— Tatiana Lelekova Read More

“Очень довольна, что обратилась за консультацией к этой замечательной девушке! Кей очень грамотно и без навязываний рассказала обо всех достоинствах продукта. .”

— Irina Zhuravlyova Read More

"Спасибо Хураман, что всегда находишь время проконсультировать меня, узнать и ответить на возникающие вопросы относительно всех проблемных моментов по уходу за моей кожей лица и тела."

— Olesya Bilotsvit Read More

"Khuraman is very honest and customer-oriented. Thank you for taking the time to just give me some awesome, friendly advice"

— Marina Gomberg Read more

"Her knowledge and customer service in all her businesses is outstanding. She is very creative, kind, and passionate person."

— Ekaterina Torun Read more

About Nu Skin

Founded in 1984, Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE:NUS), is a direct selling company that distributes more than 200 premium-quality anti-aging products in both the personal care and nutritional supplements categories. Nu Skin operates throughout Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Pacific.

In May 2021, Nu Skin added to its long history of awards and recognition by securing three notable awards for its product innovation and clean skincare line, including recognition from the Edison Awards for ageLOC Boost, NewBeauty magazine for ageLOC LumiSpa, and the Pure Beauty Global Awards for Nutricentials Bioadaptive Skin Care’s To Be Clear Pure Cleansing Gel.

Since 2002, Nu Skin distributors and employees have donated more than 700 million meals through its Nourish the Children® initiative to hungry and malnourished children around the world. Additionally, in 2019, the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation and its charity partners donated $10.3 million to improve the lives of children throughout the world.