Khuraman Armstrong

TROLLED - from Victim to Victor

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In TROLLED – From Victim to Victor, you follow the incredible journey of Khuraman Armstrong, a resilient Australian entrepreneur who refused to be silenced by the malicious online forces that attacked her, en masse, with the single intent of destroying her personal reputation and that of her Enjoy Dark Chocolate business.

A successful businesswoman, Khuraman experienced the exhilaration of successfully building her brand, connecting with customers, and delivering exceptional products and services, predominantly through social media channels. Born in Azerbaijan, Khuraman was exposed to a wealth of cultures, traditions and foods that also became a passion she shared with the world.

However, in 2020 her success was overshadowed by a relentless onslaught of online trolling, threatening to tear down everything she had painstakingly built. Determined to defend her reputation and protect her business, Khuraman made a choice that would change her life forever: she took her tormentors to court.

Khuraman’s inspiring story of life, culture, and conflict serves as a beacon of hope for victims of cyberbullying, reminding us that we have the power to reclaim our lives and emerge stronger from even the darkest of battles.

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