Clean and Gleam™ Floor Cleaner

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A clean floor is the satisfying finishing touch to any room. But life’s messiness can get floors dirty again so fast it’s frustrating! Clean & Gleam Floor Cleaner helps give you a fast, efficient way to keep your floors clean and shining. The way you want them to be.

Size: 237ml


At last you can have beautifully clean floors without using toxic chemicals or cluttering up landfills with empty plastic bottles and discarded cleaning cloths. The Clean & Gleam product line is safe to use around kids and pets.

Key Ingredients

12x concentrated formula powered with biodegradable ingredients that deliver a gentle, effective clean.

Additional Information

• Gently and effectively cleans dirt and grime from your floors.
• 12x concentrated.
• 99% biodegradable ingredients.
• Lightly fragranced with essential oils.
• Safe to use on finished or sealed floors.
• Works synergistically with the Clean & Gleam Floor Polish. Gets floors clean without removing the benefits of the Clean & Gleam Floor Polish.