Clean and Gleam™ Floor Polish

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Beautifully polished floors are a joy. They bring out the beauty of your décor and give your home that “model home” look! Clean & Gleam Floor Polish with Optishield™ brings a fulfilling finishing-touch luster to your floors while also keeping them clean and protected.

Size: 798ml


At last you can have beautifully clean floors without using toxic chemicals or cluttering up landfills with empty plastic bottles and discarded cleaning cloths. The Clean & Gleam product line is safe to use around kids and pets.

Additional Information

• Keeps your floors shined and protected.
• Phosphate free.
• Biodegradable polymer.
• Powered by OptiShield – Clean, shine and protect your floors.
• Safe to use on finished or sealed floors.
• Works synergistically with Clean & Gleam 12x Floor Cleaner