Clean and Gleam™ Mop Pad 3-Pack

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Exclusively for the Clean & Gleam Mop, this Mop Pad 3-Pack includes 1 of each of the Clean & Gleam Mop Pads – Dusting, Polishing and Cleaning. Each Mop Pad is re-usable and washable.


Now you can easily dust, mop, and polish your floors with a floor care system that is safer, effective, and easy on your budget. Specifically designed to be considerate of the environment this mop system utilises reusable, washable mop pads and a refillable cleaning reservoir.

At last you can have beautifully clean floors without using toxic chemicals or cluttering up landfills with empty plastic bottles and discarded cleaning cloths. The Clean & Gleam product line is safe to use around kids and pets.

Key Ingredients

3 separate washable mop heads, designed to clean, polish, and dust.


Blue Dusting Pad

Feathery fibres collect and cling to dirt. Machine Washable.

Green Cleaning Pad

Use with Clean & Gleam 12x Concentrated Floor Cleaner. High-count absorbent fibres clean thoroughly. Machine Washable.

White Polished Pad

Use with Clean & Gleam Ready to Use Floor Polish. Soft texture smooths polish on evenly. Wash or rinse immediately after each use. Machine Washable.