Clear Power® 12x Glass Cleaner

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This money-saving 12x super-concentrated cleaner, powered by plant-derived cleaning agents instead of caustic ammonia, leaves mirrors, windows, and stainless steel spotless with no harsh fumes or residues.

Size: 237ml

Optionally, you can include a mixing spray bottle for Clear Power® glass cleaner in your purchase.  This high quality sprayer delivers a direct mist spray ensuring better coverage and performance from your Clear Power®, whilst its sturdy, reusable design allows it to be used over and over, saving you money and reducing waste in our landfills.


• With its new 12x super-concentrated formula, one 237 mL concentrate makes six mixing bottles.
• Keep all your glass surfaces streak free and sparkling clean with Clear Power.
• Great for removing smudges and fingerprints off of glass and mirrors without harsh chemicals.
• Effectively removes grime while leaving a refreshing floral fragrance.
• Removes toothpaste splatters and other bathroom messes from your mirrors without ammonia.
• The concentrated formula helps you make sure your windows always let in the maximum amount of sunshine.

Ingredients and Nutrition

Melaleuca is proud of their careful ingredient choices that provide safer, effective, environmentally responsible products. Melaleuca want their customers to feel confident the products they invite into their home do not contain any harsh chemicals, and that they are powered by plant-derived or natural ingredients.

Melaleuca EcoSense cleaning, laundry and dish products will now proudly display easy to understand listings of ingredients and just as importantly what ingredients they don't have.

Additional Information

Put Clear Power to work in your home and start seeing results immediately. Clear Power cuts through everything from grimy fingerprints to toothpaste, simply and easily. It breaks up and washes away more dirt, leaving fewer streaks and smudges.