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Cote Noire - Luxury Pink Peonies Bouquet

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Luxury Range Pink Peonies Bouquet

This beautiful life-like Peonies arrangement has been set in gel and the petals are coated with a fine fragrance. Each flower is skilfully hand crafted & uses a special, natural coating to give every petal a natural touch & appearance.

Enclosed with your natural touch Peonies is a two bottle's scented perfume, which you can spray directly onto the Peonies to refresh & enhance the scent or use as a spray. Beautifully packaged in a ribboned box.

AUS wide postage available.

Additional Information

Taking inspiration from provincial village life, Cote Noire have created a range of full-bodied fragrances combining patisserie favourites with succulent fruits & florals. The fragrances in the Cote Noire range take inspiration from the idyllic Charente countryside with each scent striving to capture a portrait of traditional French life.

The fragrances encompass patisserie favourites, fragrant teas, succulent fruits and enticing florals.