Koala Kubs Baby Diaper Rash Cream

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When messy diapers bring on the diaper rash, trust Koala Kubs Diaper Rash Cream for your baby. Protect, heal, and sooth your baby’s bottom with paediatrician and dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic Koala Kubs Diaper Cream. This zinc oxide cream helps to protect and heal your baby's bottom while natural calendula oil and glycerin soothes skin.

  • Prevents diaper rash
  • Provides soothing relief
  • Fragrance-free
  • Dermatologist and paediatrician tested
  • Hypoallergenic

    Size: 88 ml

    Key Ingredients

    Naturally Nurturing Ingredients

    Koala Kubs by Melaleuca uses only proven-effective, natural ingredients so you can cleanse, soothe, moisturise, and protect your baby from head to toe!

    • WATER (AQUA/EAU) - Water is used universally in almost every product to mix and stabilise other ingredients.
    • ZINC OXIDE - A naturaly-derived, skin-protecting ingredient that prevents and treats diaper rash
    • DECYL OLEATE* - A plant-derived ingredient used to moisturise the skin.
    • OLEYL ERUCATE* - A plant-derived ingredient that helps soften and soothe the skin.
    • DICAPRYLYL ETHER* - Effective plant-derived ingredient that creates a smooth skin feel as lotion is applied
    • POLYGLYCERYL-2 DIPOLYHYDROXYSTEARATE* - A plant-derived ingredient used to keep the product stable.
    • GLYCERIN* - Glycerin is a plant-derived humectant that draws moisture into the skin. It helps moisturise and soothe baby's delicate skin.
    • POLYGLYCERYL-3 DIISOSTEARATE* - A plant-derived ingredient used to keep the product stable.
    • MAGNESIUM STEARATE* - A plant-derived ingredient that prevents the product from clumping and sticking together.
    • SODIUM CHLORIDE - A mineral that helps maintain product form and proper viscosity.
    • ZINC STEARATE* - A plant-derived ingredient used to thicken the product and maintain consistency.
    • BENZYL ALCOHOL - A naturally derived preservative with a proven safety record that is used instead of formaldehyde or parabens.
    • GLYCINE SOJA (SOYBEAN) OIL* - A plant-derived ingredient that helps moisturise and soften the skin.
    • SODIUM BENZOATE - An effective preservative that replaces the need for parabens and formaldehyde within the formula.
    • ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN* - A plant-derived ingredient that helps boost antimicrobial activity.
    • POTASSIUM SORBATE - A naturally occurring stabilising ingredient.
    • CALENDULA OFFICINALIS FLOWER EXTRACT* - Calendula oil is a moisturiser that conditions and soothes the skin.
    • TOCOPHEROL - A naturally occurring ingredient that stabilises vegetable oils.

    * Plant-based Ingredient