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The goal of any person, with any lifestyle, is to increase their energy and performance and to decrease recovery time after stress or work. This is where OverDrive® fits in.

Size: 90 Tablets


OverDrive® aids in replacing nutrients lost by exertion and exercise. This may enable you to increase the intensity and length of your workout and reduce the recovery time required after your workout.

• By maximising general endurance, you can achieve your goals and lessen the unwanted side effects of physical exertion, such as tiredness and weariness.
• Quality ingredients help put back the nutrients used by exertion and help reduce the aches and pains usually associated with an intense workout.
• Minerals and B-vitamins have been included to provide additional nutritional support for active individuals.

Ingredients and Nutrition
Key Ingredients

OverDrive® contains antioxidant ingredients in the form of betacarotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, and minerals such as new added ingredient selenium. These antioxidants, together with citrus bioflavonoids fight free radicals, which can damage your cells while exercising. Antioxidants help in the recovery from exercise.
OverDrive® contains vitamins and minerals and the new ingredient folic acid for additional nutritional support that your body requires to help you perform in peak condition.
Folic acid can assist in maintaining normal blood. Folic acid deficiency causes macrocytic anaemia in which red blood cells are fewer in number, larger in size and contains less oxygen-carrying haemoglobin than normal cells. Symptoms of anaemia can be lethargy, breathlessness and poor body temperature regulation. These vitamins and minerals can aid in enhancing your performance during exercise.


OverDrive®e has been designed to be taken one hour before exercise and one hour after exercise.

Additional Information

OverDrive® is a supplement that supports individuals in trying to achieve their fitness goals; to help them overcome the barriers of fatigue, slow recovery rate and even pain. OverDrive® has been scientifically formulated to provide you with the right combination of herbs, minerals and vitamins and other ingredients to help provide stamina. OverDrive's innovative formulation can provide assistance throughout your workout and recovery in a number of beneficial ways.