Rustic Touch® Furniture Polish

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Cleans, conditions, and protects your wood, leather, and vinyl surfaces with a smooth, dry shine. Natural carnauba wax adds strength. High-tech polymers add shine. Naturally derived conditioners moisturise. Leaves a durable barrier against dust and scratches.

Size: 237ml

Optionally, you can include a reusable polish sprayer in your purchase.  This high quality sprayer delivers a direct mist spray ensuring better coverage and performance from your Rustic Touch Furniture Polish, whilst its sturdy, reusable design allows it to be used over and over, saving you money and reducing waste in our landfills.


Enjoy the fresh scent of oranges while carnauba wax, the hardest of the natural waxes, adds strength and shine to furniture while providing an extra layer of protection against nicks and scratches. Other waxes can produce a cloudy buildup, or leave behind an oily residue, carnauba wax dries crystal clear, so all you see is a beautiful shine.

Ingredients and Nutrition

Fabulous orange fragrance in every spritz.

Hardest of the natural waxes. From leaves of the Carnauba Palm.

Additional Information

A trio of natural conditioners protect and fortify your furniture, making it look like new now and well into the future.

Rustic Touch® keeps your car’s leather and vinyl interior looking like new while repelling unwanted moisture.