Safe and Mighty Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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Get a clean bowl without flushing the environment down the toilet.

Most toilet bowl cleaners rely on harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach. Safe & Mighty doesn't. All you'll find inside are organic cleaners (like citric acid) derived from citrus fruits and herbs. It's a proprietary combination that naturally fights grime, odours, stains, and build up. And because it uses organic cleaners, it leaves your bowl with a fresh, clean fragrance.

Size: 532ml

Additional Information

Safer for the Environment

The statistics are startling. An estimated 61% of toilet bowl cleaners use chlorine bleach. Another 26% of adults use chlorine bleach directly in their toilets. That means 87% of all toilets are being cleaned with a known poison that is then flushed into city water systems. That water must then be treated with more chemicals before being released into our water ways. Powered by organic cleaners and thyme oil, Safe & Mighty has the same environmental impact as a bowl of lemons.

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