Sol-U-Guard Botanical Convenience Wipes

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Safely wipe away dirt and grime on hard, no-porous surfaces everywhere you go. Take along your portable packet of 30 pre-moistened biodegradable Sol-U-Guard Botanical Convenience Wipes.

Size: 30 wipes


With Sol-U-Guard Botanical Wipes, you can take the powerful botanical formula that’s gentle enough to use around kids, pets, and food, with you anywhere. Use Sol-U-Guard Botanical Convenience Wipes on countertops, tables, sinks, doorknobs, and more.

The dual cleaning power of thyme oil and citric acid wipes away dirt and grime on hard, nonporous surfaces and leaves behind just a mild herbal scent.

Ingredients and Nutrition

• Wipes made from biodegradable materials
• Leaves behind a light, fresh herbal scent


No more hoping the grocery store has cleaning wipes for the shopping cart — Sol-U-Guard Botanical Convenience Wipes can now go with you wherever you go! The botanical power is now in easy-to-use convenience wipes so you’re ready whenever and wherever dirt and grime happen.

NOTE: Do not use on natural marble or stone.