Tough and Tender® Wipes

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Rest assured that when you keep Tough & Tender wipes handy, you’re not keeping chlorine bleach or ammonia, and you’re not touching your surfaces with abrasives either. With its biodegradable cleaning agents, Tough & Tender will reduce your impact on the environment by reducing plastic and fuel used.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that the heavy duty cleaner you are using is safer for your family.

  • Biodegradable wipes

  • Perfect for convenient cleaning on the go

  • Free of bleach and other harsh chemicals

  • Safe almost anywhere, even on granite or marble

Size: 30 wipes


• Clean up splatters and messes around the kitchen sink.
• Keep cabinets free of grime and sticky finger prints.
• Everyday, everywhere without unsafe chemicals.
• Tough & Tender is safe for all surfaces, including natural stone.
• Great for removing greasy, oily food spills.

Ingredients and Nutrition

Unlike many other wipes, Tough and Tender™ wipes are biodegradable.

No chlorine, ammonia and harsh fumes.