Tub and Tile 12x Bathroom Cleaner

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With the natural cleaning power of lemons (citric acid) and plant-derived glycolic acid, this 12x super-concentrated bathroom cleaner melts away soap scum and hard water stains with minimal scrubbing and no harsh fumes or abrasives.

Size: 237ml

Optionally, you can include a foaming mixing spray bottle for Tub & Tile bathroom cleaner in your purchase. Its sturdy, reusable design allows it to be used over and over, saving you money and reducing waste in our landfills.


With long-lasting foam and a fresh, citrus fragrance, Tub and Tile naturally melts away tough soap scum and hard water stains. Tub and Tile gives you even more cleaning power against hard water and bathroom grime. You'll get a spotless bathroom while saving time, effort, and money.

Tub and Tile comes in a small bottle that makes a big difference.

The concentrated formula is mixed in and sprayed from a reusable spray bottle, which helps Tub and Tile users to save the planet.

Ingredients and Nutrition

Tub & Tile also harnesses the power of glycolic acid, a second all-natural acid, which is derived from natural sugars found in sugar cane, sugar beets, and pineapple. The same amazing cleaning power of all-natural citric acid with the addition of all-natural glycolic acid gives you even more cleaning power against hard water and bathroom grime. This powerful ingredient delivers again on the promise of an effective and powerful yet safe cleaner.

The citric acid that goes into each bottle of Tub & Tile takes over 100 hours to make, including 35 hours spent on filtering alone.

Who would've thought the ultimate enemy of hard water and soap scum could be found in a citrus grove? A perfect solution provided straight from nature, lemons have a natural ability to remove hard water deposits and literally melt away soap scum.

Additional Information

Citric and Glycolic Acids are all-natural, highly renewable, and biodegradable, so they don’t poison streams and rivers as they go down the drain. No toxic fumes. They don’t require scary warnings on the label. They’re as harmless as cutting open a lemon and rubbing it on your tub.

Melaleuca scientists harnessed the power of nature and put it into the best bathroom cleaner on the market — Melaleuca's Tub and Tile. When you use Tub and Tile, you're using the power of 20 lemons to safely melt away soap scum, limescale, and hard water stains.